In the above screen shot, the Alumina Disk sample is selected from the list of supplied ceramic samples shown in the Lab Kit module. When a sample is selected from the list, a control value (pretested data) is loaded automatically into the main screen of Buzz-o-sonic. The control data is displayed in blue to distinguish it from any measured values that would be shown in red. The student then tries to match the measured data to the control data.


Metals and polymer samples are also supplied. The following samples are pretested and included in the Lab Kit:

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1. Alumina (square plate or substrate)

2. High Alumina (cylinder)

3. High Alumina (square bar)

4. High Alumina (disk)

5. Boron Nitride (square bar)

6. Quartz Glass (disk)

7. Low Fired Alumina (cylinder)

8. Zirconia (cylinder)

9. Graphite (rectangular bar)

10. Alumina Silicate (cylinder)


1. Ductile Cast Iron (rectangular bar)

2. Gray Cast Iron (rectangular bar)

3. Aluminum 3003 (rectangular bar, ¼" thick)

4. Aluminum 3003 (rectangular bar, 3/16" thick)

5. Aluminum 3003 (rectangular bar, 1/8" thick)

6. Aluminum 2024 (cylinder)

For more information, download the Lab Kit student manual.

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1. LDPE (cylinder)

2. HDPE (cylinder)

3. UHMW (cylinder)

4. UHMW (rectangular bar)

5. Black Polycarbonate (cylinder)

6. Black Glass-Filled Polycarbonate (cylinder)

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