Buzz-o-sonic is a professional system for measuring the dynamic elastic and damping properties of materials, using the impulse excitation technique (ping test). It is the most cost effective and flexible instrument available. According to independent research at Oak Ridge National Laboratories, it is also one of the most precise. Custom designed systems for QA/QC, high temperature measurements, and other applications are also available.


Bars of uniform cross-section and discs can be tested as per ASTM E1876/C1259



measures Young's modulus (E), shear modulus (G), Poisson's ratio (µ), flexural rigidity (EI)...

measures internal friction (Q-1)

detects defects (porosity, cracks, anisotropy...)

performs rapid pass/fail (go/no go) product testing

measures a wide range of sample sizes (> 0.1 mm thickness to several meter lengths)

can perform tests at cryogenic and high temperatures

is often the only way to measure very small or fragile test pieces


Test Any Elastic Material

of virtually any size

Many shapes can be tested...

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